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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Car has been found!

I am sure everyone has the same dread when they decide to look for a new car .. how many cars will I have  to look at before I find the one?  How many idiots will I have to talk to before I find the one?  How far will I have to travel to find the one?  Actually, it sounds a lot like finding your life partner.. hehe.

Well, after a trip to Marybourough.. in one day, a dodgy, felt-wearing Byron hippie, a few good people and a lot of wondering if this is the right one.. we have found the one!!  We had been looking at this one on the internet for a while, actually since we started looking.. and as it was in Terrigal, NSW, we didn't really think much of it..  But as it is in most cases, and with hindsight well in hand, we should have looked at this one first.  We would have spared ourselves many, many hours dealing with people we'd rather not deal with.

Aaron flew down to Newcastle with his Mum - first time on the plane for Enid.. very exciting for her.  He spent the night with his Godparents, one of whom just conveniently happens to be a Toyota mechanic.. very handy!  And has also been to Cape York a few times, so Aaron managed to get some great info on our trip coming up as an added bonus.

According to Aaron they inspected that car to an inch within it's life.. and came out with a winner.  He is driving it back today - so can't wait to see our new car.  He reckons he feels quite manly in the Troopy, so it will be interesting to see how 'manly' he feels after driving it for 9 hours..