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Friday, March 23, 2012

A scabbin' we will go!

With our new addiction, comes new furniture... today we went out with the trailer, with the intention of going to the tip... only to find out it would cost us nearly $100 to empty the trailer at the tip.. So we ended up going scabbing.  Boy did we score today!  

Here's some pics of our scores today.. I think this is nearly one of the best days we've had!  The next month is going to be pretty hectic, with Easter coming up and then Aaron is heading back to the GC for a week or so to do some work.

Easter we are heading away with some friends.. bit of camping and 4WDing.. can't wait!!

This is an entertainment unit we found.. needs a little work, but the basics are great!!

An amazing antique silky oak dresser .. Aaron's favourite pick today!

The lockers!!!  Original Brownbuild .. awesome!!!!  A little bit of work, needed, but so worth it!

We found 4 tressels - looked like they were used as an artists' table.. so I think I'm going to up cycle them into my studio bench.. eventually :)

We found this white dining table - extendable .. solid timber .. a perfect dining table, or work table.
Underneath is a solid timber coffee table that we'll eventually put industrial castors on.  And on top, an old makeup suitcase..a pretty pink

This is the tax sign we found on one of our very first scabs.. I keep thinking it's missing an i .. then it would be taxi.. hehe.

We found this really cool old bowling bag, but it was a bit far gone.. but Aaron decided to keep the balls

And the rule books...

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  1. Fantastic. Think I haev to agree with Aaron and say that the dressing table is the best......although I did like the tressles, and the score board and the tax sign and definitely the lockers.....everything really was pretty cool. Great stuff Sue